Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

Fun Corporate Team Building Activities


One of the best additions to a corporate team building event is entertainment. This fun corporate team building activity certainly entertains but also educates and inspires through mind reading or mentalism, accelerated learning techniques, plenty of great group participation, clean comedy and more!


As a specially-trained corporate event magician and mentalist, I offer a great team building activity  that boosts employee morale and productivity!

“Our team really enjoyed the time spent with you. You successfully passed on the message we asked you to: that with a bit of magic and a lot of determination/belief you can make it happen! Thank you very much, YOU did a great job!”
– Julia Croft & Sophie Rabec, Reckitt Benckiser Parsippany, NJ

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I customize my magic & mind reading (or mentalism) presentations for your corporate team building event by incorporating the objectives of your organization. I create a fun and memorable atmosphere which fosters valuable employee camaraderie and teamwork!

“Wonderful. Great mind reading & audience participation. We/I enjoyed your philosophies, magic & quick wit. I know the audience enjoyed your little sayings and you could hear them all laughing, etc, so you know you had their attention. Thanks!” – Barbara Ransome, Decision Women In Commerce & the Professions

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“Miracles of the Mind!” A Fun, Inspirational & Educational Corporate Team Building Event


My proprietary show,  “Miracles of The Mind!” uses mind-reading & illusion techniques to clearly demonstrate that audiences are capable of much more than they ever imagined.


Along with the incredible “mentalism” effects and feats of memory, the presentation combines  mesmerizing and inspirational magic, plenty of audience participation, including a hypnotic “group induction,” clean comedy, and a spellbinding story.


Attendees will actually experience some of the benefits of these amazing techniques right during the program! These include a customized combination of memory and reading improvement, practical goal setting, plus visualization and hypnosis techniques for improved results. Everyone will thank you for arranging this wonderful program and the resulting benefits for your company or organization.



“The performance was well done and very entertaining. Robert’s interaction with the audience was helpful in relaxing and preparing them to enjoy the show. We especially liked when participants were asked to write information like books, movies, etc or draw pictures of something special to them and Bob would tell them what it was. Thank you for a memorable performance!”

– Gretchen Cisco, 
Brookhaven National Laboratory

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This customized, corporate team building, magic & mind reader show will amuse, amaze, and inspire your audience! The show can be as educational or entertaining as you desire. The presentation will benefit your audience by:


  • Taking them on a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, where “impossible” becomes “I’m Possible!”
  • Demonstrating mind power techniques and visualization for self-improvement, with routines that interest, educate and amaze all!
  • Teaching attendees a mind reading effect to impress family/friends with.
  • Giving attendees some practical accelerated learning, memory and reading improvement methods, in a truly entertaining, enlightening fashion!

Hear What Others Have to Say

“Bob, Thank you! You were great. The ‘eat your frog’ teaching lives on! You helped set a great tone for the rest of the meeting. I’m so glad you were able to be flexible with your schedule so that you could join us. Thanks again!”

– Susan McDougal, Fera Pharmaceuticals, NY


Take a glance at some of my testimonials from satisfied (and enlightened) clients.

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