Mind Reading & Magic Are Ideal Corporate Team Building Activities!

Mind Reading & Magic Are Ideal Corporate Team Building Activities!

The article linked below summarizes great aspects of team building.

The interactive magic & mind reading performances I offer for corporate events fulfills most of these. Benefits of  Corporate team building activities include:

Networking, socializing, getting to know fellow employees better

Teamwork and boosting team performance

Celebration, team spirit, fun and motivation

Collaboration and fostering innovation and creativity, communication & working better together.


6 Reasons for Team Building


An interactive presentation by top NY mentalist and magician, Robert McEntee, encourages audiences to stretch their boundaries of what is possible.

When they see “miracles” inches away, they wonder what more can they achieve by changing “impossible” to “I’m Possible!”


The ideal Corporate event entertainment,  “Miracles of The Mind!” uses mentalism & illusion to clearly show that we are all capable of much more than we ever imagined.


By getting employees involved with incredible “mentalism” effects, memory demonstrations, mesmerizing and inspirational magic, a hypnotic “group induction,” clean comedy, and a spellbinding story, we’re simultaneously “TEAM BUILDING”!


Attendees will actually experience some of the benefits of these amazing techniques right during the program! These include a customized combination of memory and reading improvement, practical goal setting, plus visualization and hypnosis techniques for improved results.


Everyone thanks YOU for arranging this wonderful program which brings positive results to your company or organization!


Don’t Risk a boring team building event, everyone loves this sophisticated presentation as they have likely never seen anything like it. They are inspired and motivated along with their colleagues, while having a thrilling time.


Call 516-672-3957 Now to check availability of “Miracles of the Mind!” for your Corporate team building event whether it’s in NYC or elsewhere in the world!


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