Remote Corporate Event Meeting Entertainment. Or how to Make Online Meetings Amazing Using Magic!…

Remote Corporate Event Meeting Entertainment. Or how to Make Online Meetings Amazing Using Magic!…

So you’re wondering how to keep employees engaged during online sessions, when they have so many distractions directly all around them at home?…

Many organizations find that a virtual entertainment (which can be a surprise) reward as soon as the group has accomplished the primary purpose of your online corporate meeting, keeps everyone focused and engaged. This enables you to get though the material much more quickly.

Team building is more important than ever these days with team members working remotely which often leads to feelings of isolation. Online or virtual corporate meetings that include entertainment, will give everyone something to look forward to! Virtual or online entertainment also increases efficiency and engagement of corporate and organization remote events. BY mixing business and pleasure, people will look forward to participating in the next event. I say participate as that’s a huge benefit of utilizing interactive rather than static entertainment.

Even as things return to normal, you may have team members working remotely, creating expense and inconvenience in bringing everyone together. Everyone benefits from virtual collaboration. Most groups find they can take care of business rather quickly, so rounding out the event with some virtual magical entertainment is the perfect incentive, excuse and reward to engage online!

Magic and mentalism is the perfect virtual entertainment as it can be interactive even over the internet. People can “read each others minds, subtly demonstrating collaborative success which can extend to business! Attendees can be called on or volunteer to participate in the virtual illusions and mentalism effects. Much of it is quite visual and oddly online watching can be viewed by more people at once than in person.

Online platforms offering this service are Zoom and Google Meet, formerly Google hangouts, now part of Google Classroom. Platforms are easy to navigate and Zoom for example offers free sessions for up to 40 minutes at a time. Currently it’s possible to start a second session right after if needed and the host doesn’t wish to pay for a subscription currently about $16/month.

Participants have the option of turning their computer or device camera on, which of course should be encouraged. Creative engagement ideas include having a theme for the meeting, for example, tropical where everyone is suggested to dress or decorate their backgrounds accordingly. You could even consider offering prizes for best participant ideas.

Zoom offers virtual backgrounds however without a green screen behind you, any movement will cause parts of one’s body to “disappear” or become blurry when moving. The host can mute everyone’s mics and allow people to unmute themselves as necessary. This is usually the best setup as the software automatically switches the screen to whoever is talking or making sounds. This makes it essential for participants to remain quiet and eliminate background noise when unmuted or the camera will shift to them rather than the speaker.

When witnessing something like incredible magic, the presenter can be placed in speaker mode so the camera will not shift at the finale of an effect.Customizing the presentation is possible. For example, a good corporate mentalist can divine an employee’s target sales goal for example. There is a huge advantage of having live remote magical entertainment rather than just watching a video, since this is one of the few forms of entertainment that can still be interactive online!

Just imagine the smiles on everyone’s face and sounds of amazement as your group is thoroughly absorbed in this presentation! It creates the positive associations with the virtual work environment and relieves stress, more essential than ever now. The relatively small investment in an online corporate magician and mentalist compared to in person engagement will pay off nicely with increased productivity and efficiency.

In summary by spicing up your online corporate or organization meetings, with interactive entertainment, for which magic and mentalism is ideal. Instead of just watching a musician say, people enjoy hearing their name and engaging online which is the next best thing to being there! You will find that employee moods will be lifted and you’ll look like a hero for employing the creative idea of virtual magic!

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